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CWP2020 will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) on October 14-16 2020.

As the world's biggest wind power event, CWP is attracting an increasing number of top-level insiders since its first launch in 2008. It aims to offer insight into where industrial developments are heading, gain pioneering technology information, showcase the latest products and techniques, identify opportunities in the global market and find solutions to difficult issues.

Thank you for your attention on CWP2020 exhibition. The following information is required. Your information will be reviewed and the confirmation letter will be sent once it is confirmed. Please ensure the information submitted is correct.
Looking forward to meeting you at CWP2020.

Basic Information
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 1. Is this your first visit to China Wind Power?
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 2. Business Category
   Machinery manufacturer  Domestic & International trader  
   Distributor/Agent  Associations/Societies
   Wind farm owner/Investor  Education/Universities/R&D institute
   Governor/Policy maker/Industry management  Engineering/Project development
   News media  Others, please specify
 3. Job Diversity
   Decision maker/Managing director/Owner  Department manager/Area manager  
   Purchasing director  Chief engineer
   Marketing developer  Engineering developer
   Others, please specify    
 4. Objectives of your visiting (multiple choices)
   Purchasing products & services, total prices  Meeting with existing suppliers  
   Looking for new suppliers  Looking for agents & Technologies
   Learning new products & technologies  Collecting the industry information
   Others, please specify    
 5. Products under your interest (multiple choices)
   Wind turbines  Generator  
   Gearbox  Blades & Materials
   Electronic control systems  Rotor bearings
   Tower  Software
   Flange  Rotor hub
   Safe/Protection  Operations & Maintenance
   Other, please specify    
 6. The channel to learn about China Wind Power:
   Online advertising  Promote E-mail/Phone/SMS  
   Search Engine  Industrial magazine/Professional journals
   Local newspaper  Exhibition/Forum
   Organizers/ Associations  Invitation of the exhibitors
   Others, please specify